Our findings – User testing- visualization

  1. ok he solved the task with no problems
  1. He understood the info. But he wanted more info about cpu and networktraffic. Activity.
  1. Illustrations was clear but it should look more like a server

Network ports was not shown visually clear ,how they were connected.

for the test person. It could be a better solution to show a front and back of server.

Rack1 illustration: he understood very good also the conections (page5)

5 export. Nice to have – Option for export pdf, exel, screen. Attach email




1. He understood the icons. But if we could make them more clear with fx colors. He mentioned green.

Gage-icon look like server towers, instead of cages.

The menu was easy for him. He understood the toggle bottom.


power not important. Irrelevant. Move age back.

age confused about installed time or age of model

better with serial number, instead of power.



comments from the test person

regarding the menu: you could make it transparent so you still can se the things behind.

It would be nice with a help button in the bottom at the right corner.

Search for disk usage.

On the cage-level status red, yellow, green. That indicates if something is wrong. The click it and go directly to the server whit the problem. Not as global menu because he might get confused about which server it belong to.

On the ipad: when I exchange a disk it could come up with a question should this disk be a spare.


Userscenarios – Visualization

Key Users

Colo DC Manager

Tenant IT Manager

Tenant System Administrator


Visual Modeling of the Network Cables in Racks

Visual Modeling of the Power Cables from Server to Rack PDU



The key user is going to set up a new server. So needs an overview over the network- and power cables to see where there is a free space.


He logs on to his personalized page where he can quickly get an overview of the server which he is responsible of.
One of them gives him a proposal for upgrading the new power supply.


He has found the item he needs in the Catalog and added it in the  rack editor. Now he needs to see where the cables should be connected.